Dealing With an Automotive Locksmith

An automotive locksmith is able to quickly solve a host of issues related to car doors. Whether through deliberate damage, or an accidental injury from a vehicle thief, it’s not uncommon for car keys to become misaligned or worn out. In truth, it can happen through simple wear and tear, as well as everyday usage. It’s when these keys become misaligned or worn that they become in need of automotive locksmith service.

When the car is locked, the key will not turn if there is a power switch on the ignition. This means that a car must have an auto locksmith to unlock the trunk manually in order for the doors to open. Some cars have “dormant” ignition keys, which will stay in the car and allow the door to open even if there is no key. Automobiles that have remote starter units usually require the use of a key fob in order to start the car. Other types of auto locksmith services include mounting automotive headlamps, as well as mounting turn signals, headlights, taillights, turn indicators, turn decals, and others.

A problem that many automotive locksmiths are familiar with involves locked car doors caused by problems with the ignition switch. The spark plug in the engine is responsible for igniting the fuel, but sometimes, a worn out or broken spark plug can cause the starter to fail, resulting in locked doors. As long as the cylinder is secure, the owner can attempt to turn the ignition switch on and see if it works. If so, the lock can then be replaced. However, if the cylinder is already cracked, the owner may need to head to a locksmith to have the lock replaced with a new one.

Another common problem is fobs. Fobs are used to turn the automatic door locks on and off, but they can also be used to lock cars when they are not locked, such as at the front door of a house when someone is leaving or at the back door when a person is coming back from work. An automotive locksmith may replace fobs or install new ones, depending on the make and model of the car or vehicle in question. Sometimes a fob can be easily removed without having to cut it out or take it apart. Other times, special tools may be needed, such as a jigsaw.

On older automobiles, the option to change the car locks may be found on the transmission or engine console. Usually, a mechanical unlock is possible, but if it cannot be done, an automotive locksmith is likely to try to unlock the car manually using a specialized tool called a key extractor. This tool has a spring-loaded blade that enables it to easily pull out the bolt and turn it. Special locksmith companies may offer this service, but it should only be done on one automobile at a time.

There are other problems associated with automatic doors on newer vehicles. Some cars, especially newer ones, come with their own security system and alarm. If it malfunctions or stops working, a professional automotive locksmith will probably be able to help. But, as a last resort, they may have to resort to unlocking the vehicle with a specialized tool called a key jack. This tool requires special wiring and equipment that most locksmiths are not familiar with. It can be very dangerous for homeowners to try to use a key jack on an automobile since many modern vehicles are now equipped with anti-theft systems that prevent them from being easily opened from the outside.

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